Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cox' Party Affiliation Left Out in Stories on Adultery Case

Why is that when Republicans get in trouble, their party affiliation seems to disappear?

We already know, from the work of the News Hounds, that when Rep. Mark Foley, R-Florida, got caught sending inappropriate e-mail messages to House pages, Fox News identified him as Democrat on screen at least twice.

So it was no surprise Tuesday (January 16, 2007) that when Fox News got around to discussing the Michigan Court of Appeals ruling dealing with adultery that they would neglect to mention that Michigan Attorney General Michael Cox was a Republican. Cox has admitted to having an affair, and under the Michigan case, he could be subject to felony prosecution. You can see the video and my post on the topic at News Hounds.

But shouldn't the Detroit Free Press, which is a real news organization unlike Fox News, have at least included Cox's party affiliation? Brian Dickerson's column mentions Cox and quotes his spokesman, Rusty Hills, but somehow Dickerson can't find the space to mention that Cox is a Republican.

Perhaps he is assuming that all his readers know that. Guess his editors never told him that when a journalist assumes things he makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me."


Communications guru said...

Clearly, the pendulum has swung for far to the right that this myth and Republican strategy of so-called “liberal media” has to be dead by now. Consolidation and huge corporations owning all of the media outlets have not only made the media more conservative, but it has also damaged content, as the push is for profit not quality.

bluzie said...

More than the Media in party politics the Republican's seem to always go for the big sex smear campaign. You didn't see Amos Williams going after Mike Cox's morals. Chris Ward's divorce was not a campaign issue and I assure you had we all know that Valde Garcia was divorcing, it would have not been a Democratic talking point. Look who profits from sex scandals and you will see who does the spreading and gossip mongering. This why Republican's disgust me.