Sunday, October 4, 2009

After 'Garbage,' Some Lifestyle Changes

The Livingston County Dems' movie night on Friday (Oct. 2, 2009) was popular once again, and not just because of the ice cream sundaes.

People left with something to think about--namely, all the trash we generate and where it goes.

The documentary focused on a family that was asked to save all its garbage for three months and then track the way different components of it was disposed of by visiting recycling plants, composting facilities, and dumps, including ones in Michigan where out-of-state trash finds a home.

Everybody left thinking about what little lifestyle changes we can make that can add up if everybody does them -- remembering my grocery bags so I don't accumulate more plastic bags, turning off my computer when not in use to save power, looking for products with less packaging.

And on top of that, we accumulate a good pile of toiletries to help out patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Ann Arbor.

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