Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolve to Read Livingstontalk in the New Year

It's time for New Year's resolutions. Here's one that doesn't involve losing weight or not smoking, although both of those are good ideas.

Resolve to read the every day. is the on-line news source started in late 2009 by Maria Stuart and Buddy Moorehouse, two staffers laid off by the Livingston Press and Argus last year. The newspaper is much poorer as a result, but fortunately, the two teamed up to create is a lively mix of local news and opinion -- with a far wider range of voices than is available elsewhere in Livingston County. People like Wayne Johnson and Kelly Raskauskas, for example.

Livingstontalk's webpage proclaims that "the future of community journalism is here." In a recent column, Maria Stuart details the progress in the site's first three months and lays out plans for the future.

It is a site worth watching -- both because it tells you what's going on Livingston County, and because it just might be the future of community journalism.

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Communications guru said...

If you really want to see "the future of community journalism” try reading the Livingston County Daily Pres & Argus.