Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hartland Doing a Hamburg Imitation?

More Republican in-fighting is breaking out in Livingston County.

Hamburg Township, of course, has distinguished itself on that front over the last two years. It is in a class by itself after the turmoil of the board that began in the 2008 primary with the defeat of the incumbent clerk and treasurer and the subsequent election of their primary opponents. The result was board infighting, incompetence, a successful and expensive recall of clerk Matt Skiba and now a board petition begging Gov. Jennifer Granholm to clean up the township's mess by removing the treasurer, Patrick Evon. But if that doesn't work, some township residents are ready to recall Evon, too.

But while Hamburg Township seems to take the honors for most screwed up township, don't count out Hartland Township. The Republicans on that board can't seem to get along either.

Citizens there have started a recall against Clerk Ann Ulrich over a dispute involving lots in the township cemetery. Ulrich's late mother was buried in a lot that had been sold to someone else in 1953. For some reason, the matter took months -- and $20,000 in legal fees -- for the township to settle.

According to the Livingston Press and Argus, Ulrich blames the board for inflaming the issue by passing a resolution censuring her for "'violating township policy, creating a conflict of interest and engaging in self-dealing.' according to Trustee Joe Colaianne."

Another attempt to recall Ulrich failed in 2002.

So while the Republicans in Hartland have a lot of ground to make up to catch the Republicans in Hamburg, they have a good start.

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