Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to Campaign as an Incumbent County Commissioner

If you had been on the Livingston County Commission for 14 years, having won election seven times, you could be expected to know a little about campaigning.

You might even know that you should have a flyer that explains who you are that you could hand out to potential voters.

But if you are Dave Domas, the long-term Republican incumbent from Livingston County's 3rd Commission District, that would be expecting a lot.

You see, Republican incumbent Dave Domas showed up at the polls in Hartland Township on Tuesday (Aug 3, 2010) for the primary. Democrat Dane Morris was there greeting
voters, handing out literature he paid for through his campaign account. But Domas had no literature so instead he handed out business cards bearing the county seal. There was no indication that he paid for these himself. There was no political disclaimer indicating who paid for them. Did the taxpayers pay for these?

Surely not. Surely those fiscal conservative Republicans on the Livingston County Commission would not take advantage of their official position to campaign for re-election.

I just would be utterly shocked if that were the case. And so, I imagine, would be the tea party group members in Hartland.

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