Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Careful What You Wish For

You have to wonder if the Press & Argus is regretting its endorsement of Joe Hune for State Senate and Cindy Denby for State House.

Denby, whose P&A endorsement was lukewarm at best (to paraphrase, "Well, she hasn't done much but at least we don't think she'll raise taxes"), has been busy working to give her fellow politicians some wiggle room on term limits. She's also "picking up the torch" for Nancy Cassis on the issue of film credits, a crusade which elicits yawns from a majority of the state Legislature.

Hune actually got a wrist slap from the P&A on his recent claim that eliminating welfare benefits for undocumented immigrants is a "top priority":

Problem is, there are no figures that indicate that there are such payments going to undocumented aliens. Further, laws in this area already exist.

Michigan League for Human Services spokeswoman Judy Putnam said Hune's proposal sounds like "a solution in search of a problem."

Actually, it's a sound bite in search of a constituency. It's unnecessary because Hune already owns the state Senate seat and is a lock to keep it for the next eight years. He should use this position not to make cheap points, but to show that conservative Republicans can govern effectively.

To put all this hot air into context:
It's clear that our elected officials are focusing on the things that matter... to them.

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