Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Way to Protest Lowe's Caving in to Bigotry

About 100 brave souls stood up to religious bigotry this weekend with a protest outside a Lowe's Home Improvement Store after it caved in to a far-right "Christian" group and pulled its advertising from a show about Muslims in America.

Lowe's deserves to hear from Americans who understand the nation's history of religious tolerance and are appalled by the company's decision to back out of advertising on TLC's "All-American Muslims" show. The company needs to know that there is an economic price to be paid for bigotry.

Here's another way besides protesting outside the store to make the point.

Take your shopping list and go to Lowe's. Fill up your cart with the light bulbs, Christmas decorations, new flash light, whatever is on your list.

Then, instead of heading to the checkout lane, head to the customer service counter, and ask to speak to a manager. Tell the manager you plan to purchase these items, but because of Lowe's anti-Muslim bigotry, you won't be buying them at Lowe's. Leave them in the cart, take your list, and find someplace else to buy them.

Translate the company's bigotry into dollars and cents and maybe the company will get the message.

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Meditating Mares said...

Now, I call your idea very creative and illustrative!
I'm thinking a flash mob dance in Lowe's to Christmas music would be fun, too!