Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Voters Deserve a Choice -- It's Time to Think About Running for Office

Livingston County residents who are interested in running for office on the Democratic ticket are invited to attend the party’s 2012 Candidate Recruitment Night on Thursday, March 1.

The event will feature two guest speakers – Rep. Mark Meadows, D-East Lansing, and Derek Dobies, a former Livingston County resident recently elected to the Jackson City Council.

The event will be at 7 p.m. at party headquarters, 10321 Grand River Road, Suite 600, in Brighton.

"We are delighted to have with us two speakers who can share their expertise about the political landscape in Michigan and some of the ins and outs of campaigning," said Judy Daubenmier, chair of the Livingston County Democrats.

Meadows leads the House Democratic Caucus’ candidate recruitment effort. He will speak about the importance of electing enough Democrats in November to retake control of the Michigan House and how Livingston County fits into that picture. Dobies will share some of his experiences in putting together his winning campaign in 2011 and how that can be translated to other local races.

The November 2012 ballot will feature contests for Michigan House seats in District 42 and District 47; all nine seats on the Livingston County Commission; countywide offices of prosecuting attorney, sheriff, county clerk, county treasurer, register of deeds, and drain commissioner, and positions in Livingston County’s 16 townships, including supervisors, clerks, treasurers, and trustees.

Candidates must file by 4 p.m. May 15 in order to have their name appear on the Aug. 7 primary ballot.

"Sometimes people think politics is not important, but politics affects every aspect of our lives – the quality of our schools, the quality of our environment, the roads we drive on, our families’ health, the services available in our local communities, and the taxes that we pay. We live in a democracy and voters always deserve a choice at the ballot box. As Democrats, we are looking forward to providing voters with that choice," Daubenmier said.

"The 2012 election promises to be a great year to be running as a Democrat with President Obama and Senator Debbie Stabenow at the top of our ticket. Democrats will be energized about the need to re-elect both of them after seeing how Republicans in Washington have wanted to slash Medicare and attacked women’s access to birth control, and refused to recognize the growing inequality of wealth in this country. At the state level, people are turning away from Republican rule after the GOP has slashed school spending, taxed senior citizens’ pensions, and cut help to our most vulnerable citizens. This energy will translate into more support for Democrats farther down the ballot."

Besides the two speakers, the meeting also will feature information about how the local party assists candidates and other resources that are available for training and fund-raising. Previous candidates also will be on hand to talk about their experiences.

People wishing more information may call (810) 229-4212 or email

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