Thursday, April 5, 2012

Michigan Dems Offering Scholarship Competition

High school graduation time is approaching and with it, thoughts of college are filling many students' minds. Close behind is how to pay for college.

Democrats in the Michigan Senate have proposed the Michigan 2020 plan, which would cover the cost of college tuition, books, and related expenses for Michigan students. When fully implemented, it would cost $1.8 billion a year, paid for by closing tax loopholes and ending tax credits that are not of proven usefulness.

Partisan politics being what they are, Republicans in the Michigan Senate are unlikely to consider the plan -- unless the public gets behind it. Senate Democrats are promoting the plan with a contest that will allow a student to win $10,000 toward college costs -- the amount that all students would receive if the plan were fully implemented.

The #mi2020 Scholarship Competition asks students to submit a video demonstrating why the 2020 Plan should be enacted. The rules for the competition are here.

This contest has a twin impact -- it can help at least one talented student with college costs and it can raise public awareness and support for a plan that will produce the most educated workforce in the nation.

Let the young people in your life know about this!

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