Sunday, May 13, 2012

Something's Happenening in Livingston GOP

Something is happening in the Livingston County Republican Party.

With a couple days to go until the filing deadline, both incumbent Republican Michigan House members from Livingston County, the Livingston County Sheriff, the Register of Deeds, the County Treasurer, and three members of the Livingston County Commission have primary opponents, according to filings with the clerk's office.

We know something about Harold Melton, the primary opponent of Cindy Denby; Dale Rogers, the primary opponent of Bill Rogers, and the opponents of Sheriff Bob Bezotte. But not so much about the other county challengers, including the one who has dared to challenge Jack LaBelle.

There are also primary opponents in several townships, according to the filings.

Is this coincidence? Is it orchestrated by Tea Party members? Could be an interesting few months.

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