Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Denby Missing in Action -- Again

The sale of synthetic drugs throughout Livingston County and the rest of southeast Michigan is a topic that's been heating up for awhile. Lawmakers are finally taking notice, and even the Livingston Press and Argus notes that they're a little late to pick up on the issue.

In a story published Wednesday (June 6, 2012), the newspaper reported that some Livingston County residents complained our local lawmakers had been ignoring the issue. Rep. Bill Rogers, R-Brighton, said that wasn't true. They were just busy passing the budget. What? They can't multi-task?

Who knows what Livingston County's other state representative, Rep. Cindy Denby, R-Fowlerville, thinks about the issue? The article said: "Denby did not return a call regarding this story."

It's not the first time Denby has failed to return a phone call for comment in a news story. It's sort of a habit of Denby, who two years ago said she focused on constituent service rather than passing legislation. In this case, passing a bill dealing with synthetic drugs that are harming local residents would seem to qualify as constituent service. She could knock off two birds with one stone.

And failing to return a phone call for a story about how legislators are ignoring an issue probably isn't the best foot to put forward.

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