Saturday, October 6, 2012

Town Hall Monday in Howell on Ballot Proposals

The 2012 ballot is crowded with proposals. Don't be confused by all the television ads. Come to the town hall on ballot proposals sponsored by Livingston County Democrats to get the facts!

The event will be Monday, Oct. 8, at 7 p.m. at the Howell Opera House, 123 W. Grand River, in downtown hall.

Livingson County Democrats have taken positions on five of the six ballot proposals. Speakers have been invited to speak in support of those positions.

On Proposal 1, the referendum on the Emergency Manager Law. Livingston County Democrats recommend you vote NO in order to reject the law. Speaking on that position will be former state representative Nick Ciaramataro, now legislative director with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 25.

On Proposal 2, Livingston County Democrats are suggesting that you vote YES in order to protect working families. Mary Aldecoa, president of the Fowlerville Education Association, will speak in favor of that position.

On Proposal 3, Livingston County Democrats have taken no position. This proposal would amend the Michigan Constitutional to require 25 percent of the state’s energy to be generated by alternative means by the year 2025. Robert Marc Gordon representing the Sierra Club will speak in favor of Proposal 3 and James Harrison, national representative for Region 4 of the Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO, will speak against.

Proposal 4 would amend the Michigan Constitution to set up a home health care council. Livingston County Democrats recommend a Yes Vote. Speaking in favor of it will be Andrew Krebs Coalition Organizer for Keep Home Care A Safe Choice.

Proposal 5 would amend the Michigan Constitution to require a two-thirds vote of the Michigan Legislature for passing any tax increases. Livingston County Democrats recommend a NO vote. Lynn Jondahl, a former state representative from East Lansing, will speak about why you should vote NO.

Proposal 6 would amend the Michigan Constitution to require a public vote for construction of a new international bridge. Livingston County Democrats recommend a NO vote. Jordan Genso, a member of the Livingston County Democratic Executive Committee, will speak on that position.

The event is free. Call (810) 229-4212 or email for more information.

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