Monday, February 23, 2009

Hamburg Township -- Now It's the Treasurer's Office Turn

Hamburg Township Clerk Matt Skiba has been hogging the limelight in the ongoing soap opera that passes for township governance in Hamburg Township.

But Treasurer Pat Evon is now demanding his turn in the spotlight by firing his deputy, Julie Hardesty, just the week before taxes are due. Retaliation for being the daughter-in-law of ousted Clerk JoAnna Hardesty, it appears.

It's hard to remember that this all-Republican team was elected last fall on a promise to restore dignity to Hamburg Township.


Anonymous said...

Already there are blogs on the Internet to recall Treasurer Evon. Before, there were only blogs to recall Clerk Skiba.

Who's next?

Anonymous said...

Trustee Hahn is next on the recall hit parade. He just keeps coming up with the same requests to give Skiba whatever he wants. Hahn thinks surrendering to Skiba's demands will encourage Skiba to back off, be nice and stop preventing the Board from doing anything. Read at Hahn's secret 9 bullet points from Mar 17Board meeting. He kept the list from view at the Board meeting. BUT WHMI received a confidential copy and posted it on their website. Looks like Hahn plans to ask for the FOURTH TIME to award Mr. Z a generous salary and make it retroactive. He also wants to pay Cindy Pine! When the Board voted on Z's salary the third time, it was decided 4:3 to keep Z's salary set at zero. Then Supv Hahn said it's time to put this issue to rest after 3 defeats.

So now here comes Hahn for a fourth time?

Also, Hahn and Hohl lied thru their teeth in the Mar 17 meeting. They both asked for cooperation and agreed to accept the majority opinion of the Board.

Yeh right, all the while they were keeping the 9 point list secret from those attending the Board meeting that night. They must think the voters are fools. And if the voters let all this nonsense keep happening, they are fools.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the Mar 17 Board Meeting, Treasurer Evon said he wrote a check that could not be cashed at the bank when the person went to cash it.

Guess Evon was not aware that money must be deposited in a checking account BEFORE you write a check. Just having checks does not mean they can be cashed. Duh!

And Evon is township TREASURER???