Thursday, February 19, 2009

Opening Personal Mail? What Next in Hamburg?

The situation in Hamburg Township is getting weirder and weirder.

First, there's the deputy clerk who's working but not being paid. Except that the deputy clerk, Michael Zeglevski, is now getting money for health benefit payments. This is the guy with the holes in his resume, and the tendency to make strange gestures in public.

This is also the same guy who with his boss, Matt Skiba, has been opening mail for the Hamburg Township police department and even personal mail of an employee that was mailed to the Township Hall. On top of that, Skiba and his deputy called the sender of the mail and discussed personal financial matters.

On township time, they did this.

Plus, Skiba and Zeglevski are spending three hours a day opening the mail. Three hours?

Now Michigan State Police are investigating whether the township board violating the state open meetings act with a closed session. Skiba has complained that he was threatened during the closed meeting, which included a discussion of his job performance.

Did I mention that these guys are Republicans? Did I mention that the township board was seriously screwed up before these guys were elected? And that those board members also were Republicans?

Do you see a trend here?


Anonymous said...

You really don't want to go down that path, do you?

Let's see...the former mayor of Detroit went to jail after commiting perjury, firing police officers for doing their jobs and then using millions of taxpayer dollars to cover up his crime.

The former governor of Illinois was booted out of office for a litany of issues, the most publicized being the attempted sale of a U.S. Senate seat.

The man he appointed to the Senate seat is now scrambling to explain why he apparently committed perjury in connection to his appointment.

A number of high-ranking Obama appointees have been embarrassed by stories that show they systematically avoided paying taxes...huge amounts of taxes. Some were getting huge payments --- payoffs --- from corporate interests.

See a trend? They were all Democrats.

Now your response will be to list all of the bad Republicans and you will be missing my point.

I and a number of Americans are tired of this destructive partisan politics where one side paints the other as evil and ignores their own transgressions.

I think people like you are among the greatest threats to this country. You treat it as a game and any tactics are all right as long as your side wins.

Your ranting and finger-pointing and selective accusations are no different than the tactics of a Rush Limbaugh...just aimed in a different direction. As such, you are an enemy of this democracy.

Donna said...

Anonymous: 'Your ranting and finger-pointing and selective accusations are no different than the tactics of a Rush Limbaugh...just aimed in a different direction. As such, you are an enemy of this democracy.'

First, nothing in this post is false. Quite different from Rush Limbaugh who out-and-out lies.

Second, in a democracy citizens are encouraged to participate and to talk about and publicize actions of elected officials that are not in the public interest.

Third, whether a corrupt official is Republican or Democratic, they should be prosecuted and punished for wrongdoing. We can add to your list with Mark Foley, David Vitter, Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff and on and on. But what's the point since none of them live in Livingston County. The Hamburg officials do and they seem to be doing a poor job of governing. Public scrutiny is a good way to cleanse bad government as bad politicians often find out.

Anonymous said...

Donna... at least you don't let your predicability get in the way of your answers.

I predicted that your response would be to list Republicans who behaved badly. You didn't disappoint...and by doing, you purposely missed the point.

It was the original post that blamed the behavior on the party; I merely pointed out that both parties have examples of bad behavior.

Here's a question: Do you that the number of votes missed by Chris Ward is worthy of criticism?