Monday, August 17, 2009

Bloom is Off Rose of Rogers' Freshman Caucus

Back in March, veteran political commentator Tim Skubick was all gaga over the freshman caucus in the Michigan House being co-chaired by Livingston's Republican Rep. Bill Rogers. Skubick even had Rogers on his weekly television show, during which Rogers managed to say absolutely nothing about what the caucus might do.

Skubick revisited the freshman caucus in a recent column and he is no longer impressed.

So far, he said, they've done nothing more than go bowling together.

Great leadership there, Bill.

Check out more thoughts on this here.


kevins said...

You are a rich parody of yourself. You were just criticized for spinning things wildly in order to critize Rogers, and then you do this.

Thanks for the link. Reading the column, I notice that Rogers was not even mentioned. True, he was GOP leader of freshman caucus, but what about Dem leader of caucus? Free from your criticism. Why?

Skubick did have harsh words for Granholm and Dillon. But you ignore that. (Also slammed was Bishop, the lone Republican criticized in the article.)

Then he further slammed the entire Democratic House because, according to him, they prevent Republicans from debating key issues on the House floor. If that's true, it seems that would be a major reason why Bill Rogers -- who is, after all, a freshman lawmaker representing the decidedly minority party in the House -- might not be having any success.

Why did you ignore all of this? If The Dems won't cooperate, there isn't a dang thing Rogers can do about it. If he's due criticism or derision, how much more is due to Granholm, Dillon and the House Dems? Where is their leadership?

In fact, since you give Skubick's column so much credence, it appears that House Dems won't cooperate so you come to the conclustion that Rogers must be criticized. Amazing.

Why do you even bother with different posts? Why don't you just say each day that all Republicans suck and all Democrats are beyond criticism? That would be more honest than the pablum you are selling.

Communications guru said...

I can’t speak for the Livingston County Democratic Party, but, see Bill Rogers represents many members of the Livingston County Democratic Party in Lansing. The Democratic co-chair of the overblown “Freshman Caucus” does not represent a single person in the LivCo Democratic Party. Plus, Bill Rogers holds a leadership position with House Republicans. By the way, the charge that Republicans are being shut out of debate is simply not true. You should watch the House session once in a while. Now, at times, I have seen them decline to take record roll call votes on GOP amendments designed just to slow a bill down and waste time, but with 110 members, that’s a routine measure and has nothing to do with debate.

kevins said...

I think on this one I'll believe Skubick's version rather than Guru's fantasy. Skubick has a long record as a respected reporter of Lansing politics. Guru has a short record of blithering.

Communications guru said...

Thanks for the compliment, brett. I notice, again, that you go for the personal attack and ignore the facts. Typical of what we expect from you.

kevins said...

Guru...once again you are unencumbered by facts.

Tell me again: What is your definition of rich? You must have one because you know so much about "rich" people.

Oh, that's right. You don't answer questions that prove your failings.

My post was fact-filled. It correctly said that Judy's post failed to mention Skubick's criticism of Granholm and Dillon (Bishop, too, for that matter.), as well as criticizing House Dems.

I also said I trusted Skubick's version rather than guru's.

Everything I wrote was a fact. It's not my fault you can't deal with it.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, brett; you wouldn’t know a fact if it hit you in the face. Like I said before, the Republican co-chair is the representative of many Livingston County Democrats. The Democratic co-chair demanded and got a closed door meeting with the Democratic leadership. What has Mr. Rogers done?

kevins said...

A Democrat was able to get a closed-door meetings with other Democrats? Holy cow. What an accomplishment. What, I wonder, did they have to hide?

Again, what is your definition of rich? Your failure to answer once again shows how weak your positions are...just throw out charges about greedy Republicans, but shrivel under your rock when you are asked to back them up.

Communications guru said...

And what were the freshman Republicans able to accomplish, brett? The answer is northing, and they certainly never question their leadership, or lack of.

kevins said...

What did the House Democrats accomplish? They had a meeting with themselves. Big deal.

Did they produce a budget proposal? The Senate has one; why not the House? There is a heavy Democratic majority in the House, so they can have a budget proposal if they want one. Do they have one? Just asking.

The Republicans are a distinct minority in the House so there is little they can do without a Democratic majority that is willing to work together. Since the Democrats meet privately with each other and shut out the GOP from floor debate, such cooperation seems unlikely.

Communications guru said...

I cannot believe you are this misinformed, brett. The House Democrats in the freshman caucus exerted some influence on their leadership; which is why a caucus is formed. The House doesn’t have a budget proposal? Again, I cannot believe you are this misinformed, brett. Both the House and Senate have passed budget bills, and a conference committee has to work out the differences.

kevins said...

Then why the need for secrecy? Why the need to shut out the Republicans from floor debate?

Communications guru said...

“Then why the need for secrecy?” It just amazes me how misinformed you really are, brett. All party caucus meetings in both the House and Senate for both parties are closed door and “in secret.” Republicans are not being shut out of floor debate. Again, you should actually watch a session before you put out false information.

kevins said...

So, I should watch one of the closed sessions that I'm not allowed to attend?

Communications guru said...

No, you should watch the public session where you are making the false claim that Republicans are being shut out of the debate. Stop playing dumb: oh, never mind.

kevins said...

I didn't make any false claim. Tim Skubick was the one who said Republicans were shut out of the House floor debates.

You know who Tim is. He's the one you believe when you think he is criticizing a Republican, but he's the one who you think is wrong when he is criticizing a Democrat.

By the way, this post started because Judy said Bill Rogers was a horrible, mean man because he was only inviting business people to a meeting in which he wanted to hear how Michigan's business environment could be better. I guess Judy thought he should invite circus clowns, perhaps.

Funny thing, I saw a newspaper story that said the public was welcome to the meeting.

I wonder: Did Judy attend the meeting? Did anyone attend who was unjustly criticizing Rogers? Or was the point to criticize and not to do anything constructive?

Communications guru said...

Nice spin, brett. You are claiming the Republicans are being shut out of House debate. I don’t much care what Skubick said, I’m saying it’s not true. I challenged you to find out for yourself, and you just ignored it.

The difference is I know he is correct on Bishop because I have seen in for the past three years. I don’t see anyone clamping debate in the House; at least since Chris Ward left.

I can’t answer for Judy, but this was nothing but a Republican campaign event paid for by taxpayers.

kevins said...

Guru...can you give us an estimate on when you will quit whining about the fact that Chris Ward kicked your butt?

Communications guru said...

Are you serious, brett? I’m simply debunking your lies, brett.