Saturday, August 8, 2009

Letter Sent 8-8-09 to Rep Mike Rogers on Health Care

Dear Rep. Rogers,
I have linked you to a very good article that answers the arguments that you have put forward to stop the Obama Health Care Plan with the Public Option. Your false representation that the government would come between a patient and his/her doctor, I already know isn't true. My husband who is on Medicare gets to choose his own doctor. Why are we in the US spending more on health care in this country and our outcomes for health for our population are not better than those in other industrialized countries who spend significantly less?
Please read the attached article and respond to my concerns that you do not have your Michigan constituents health as a priority, rather it seems that you are more interested in "business as usual."
I read this on Truthdig and thought you would find it interesting.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=The Me-First, Screw-Everyone-Else Crowd
Thanks to the Khaki Pants Offensive in the Great American Health Care and Tax War, finally, there’s no pretense. Finally, the Me-First, Screw-Everyone-Else Crowd’s ugliest traits are there for all to behold.
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