Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fighting Hunger in Livingston County

The formation of a new group to fight hunger in Livingston County was announced last week. The Livingston County Hunger Council will try to eliminate hunger in the county through food stamps, community gardens, and nutrition programs.

Hunger in Livingston County? Who knew?

Until the holidays roll around, hunger in Livingston County is rarely mentioned as a problem. This despite the fact that funds for Meals on Wheels, serving our senior citizens, have been cut even as demand at local food pantries has risen.

The new group includes people like Michelle Ounanian, program director of Gleaners Community Food Bank, and people who want more information can call her at (313)923-3535.

The effort is being run by the Livingston County United Way. Where are the Livingston County commissioners? Don't they care about hunger? Why isn't hunger a priority for them?

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