Monday, December 7, 2009

It's a Little Late to be Worrying About This

A far-right Republican from Livingston County says he's running for governor of Michigan because the Republicans in the race aren't conservative enough.

Bruce Nichols says he wants to "sway the party to the right," according to the Livingston Press and Argus.

And the head of the Livingston County Republican Party says most people agree with Nichols about veering farther to the right. Mike Murphy says "we can't be fanatical either."

It's too late for that. The Republican Party passed that line a long time ago, what with making up lies about government death panels, phony birth certificates "proving" President Obama was born in Kenya, and on and on.

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bluzie said...

Having Joe the Plumber, sure seems like a far right move. Doesn't he say he is "right" of the Republican Party?
The sheer lunacy of the Tea Bag movement which the local Republicans embraced seemed pretty fanatical. Face it, the Republican Party in Livingston today is a far cry from where it was just 10 years ago.