Saturday, February 27, 2010

Toyota's Problems Not Just a Problem for the Owners

I don't drive a Toyota, but I'm still worried about the company's vehicles. No, I certainly don't feel sorry for the company, which is living off an out-dated reputation for having better vehicles than the domestic manufacturers.

But I worry about what will happen to me -- and other people on the road -- if one of it's vehicles accelerates uncontrollably. Although news accounts of deaths have focued on the people inside the Toyota-made cars, certainly the potential exists for those of us sharing the road to be injured, killed, or scared out of our wits, too.

So when I see a Toyota in the rear view mirror, I take my foot off the gas and let it pass. If the vehicle is going to go out of control, I'd just as soon have the action in front of me rather than coming up behind me.

And that's why Toyota's problems are everybody's problems.

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