Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bernero Tells WHMI: Tough People Don't Run from a Challenge

Virg Bernero is standing up to his Republican opponent over his refusal to hold public debates.

In an interview with WHMI on Tuesday (Sept. 14, 2010), Bernero says if Rick Snyder is so tough, he should stop running away from an agreement to hold debates. "Tough people don't run from a challenge," Bernero said.

"If he's not careful, he's going to get a nickname of 'Bubble Boy,'" Bernero said, referring to Snyder's isolation from the electorate.

Bernero also contrasted himself with Snyder. As mayor of Lansing, Bernero said he balanced five straight budgets, brought jobs to Lansing, and led by cutting his own pay and benefits and giving up his city car. In contrast, Bernero said, Snyder shipped jobs to China while at Gateway, with the company eventually being sold to Chinese owners.

Bernero was sharp and smooth during the interview. No wonder Chicken Rick is running from him.

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