Saturday, September 11, 2010

So Is This How He'll Govern--By Ultimatum?

Republican Rick Snyder is starting to show his true colors -- rather than an outsider who will bring reforms to state government, he promises more of the same hyper-partisan gridlock.

Snyder recently called off negotiations on setting up gubernatorial debates with Democratic gubernatorial nominee Virg Bernero. Snyder wanted to call all the shots -- only three debates instead of the eight around the state that Bernero wanted, all in October, etc., etc. When Bernero opened a discussion on the moderators, Snyder walked away.

His way or the highway. Remind you of anybody? How about John Engler, Snyder's old boss? That sort of arrogant inflexibility is not what we need in Lansing. We need bipartisan cooperation to get things done, not high-handed ultimatums from CEOs who think they are the only elected official in the state whose opinion matters.

Snyder, of course, doesn't want debates because he doesn't do well in them and Bernero does. And Snyder doesn't want to tell the public what he really stands for -- shipping jobs to China while collecting $14 million in stock options for himself.

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