Friday, July 8, 2011

Denby Taking Post's Criticism to Heart?

In her second term in the Michigan House, Republican Rep. Cindy Denby seems to be following the advice of her opponent, Democratic challenger Garry Post.

In his 2010 campaign, Post pointed out that Denby had sponsored only seven bills during two years in office, despite having campaigned on the claim that she was knowledgeable about the ways of Lansing because she had served as chief of staff for then-Rep. Joe Hune. Denby's seven-bill output placed her third from the bottom among House members.

This term, Denby already had churned out 13 bills -- nearly double the number of ideas she came up with during the previous two years. Some are retreads, re-introductions of bills she submitted the previous terms. Those include four bills designed to clean up the toxic Special Assessment District crisis she helped create in Livingston County while supervisor for Handy Township.

During the campaign, Denby maintained that she concentrated on constituent service so bill introductions did not reflect her full effort on the job. Constituent service is important, but leaders need to come up with ideas, too, not just unsnarl bureaucratic issues.

Maybe Denby decided Post's criticism has some merit. Maybe not. But for some reason, she decidied to step it up a notch.

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Communications guru said...

The staff deals with 98 percent of constituent cases. Only when they can't solve it or get any action to they involve their boss.