Friday, July 8, 2011

A Little More Juice for the Recall Rick Campaign

The popular liberal blog Daily Kos appears to be throwing its considerable weight behind the Recall Rick campaign, according to an email to supporters on Friday (July 8, 2011).

The email, from Chris Bowers, campaign director at Daily Kos, says Daily Kos is paying for a field organizing firm to work with the 4,000 grassroots volunteers and 80 county captains leading the Recall Rick effort.

"Field Works will be with us for the rest of the campaign, and Daily Kos is picking up the tab," Bowers' email said. By late afternoon, nothing had been posted on the Daily Kos site regarding that development, however.

The Michigan Education Association has recently joined the recall effort and has set up an action page for its members to get involved.

The recall effort is holding a statewide recall petition signing event Saturday, according to the email.

You can follow recall events on Facebook or at

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