Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All (Bad) Roads Lead to Home

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to get away for 48 hours, driving more than 500 miles to northern Michigan and back along the shore of Lake Michigan. What a great reminder how beautiful Pure Michigan is!

But after eight hours or more in the car, it was when we hit the border of Livingston County that things literally went to pot. The roads in Livingston County were worse than anywhere else that we drove during those two days, and we were on a number of back roads going from one beach town to another.

That's why the Democratic candidates for Livingston County Commission made improving our roads one of their top priorities in the 2012 campaign platform, released Monday. As the coverage in Hartland Patch points out, the plan is a bold one for moving Livingston County forward, rather than standing pat.

Besides calling for improvements to our roads, the platform also calls for protecting our environment in Livingston County by backing a moratorium on deep drilling until reasonable regulations are in place, more services for senior citizens, improvements to public safety, more transparency in county government, and closer oversight of the agreement on economic development with Ann Arbor SPARK.

The Democratic candidates are offering a bold choice -- move foward or stand pat. Voters in August kicked out two of the "stand pat" incumbents. They'll have a chance to do it again in November.

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