Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sign of the Times?

Yard signs don't win elections. That was proven again in Tuesday's primary. Based on the number of yard signs littering the county, it would have been easy to predict that Carolyn Henry was going to defeat William Vailliencourt for the Republican nomination for county prosecutor. And even that Kevin Spicer was going to defeat incumbent Gary McCririe for the Republican nomination for Genoa Township Supervisor. Or that Gary Child was going to defeat incumbent Jack LaBelle for the Republican nomination for Livingston County Commissioner in District 9.

Oh, wait. That last one did happen.

And it may have been a case where the yard signs played a role, subliminally.

Childs owns a bike shop. And his yard signs featured the symbol of a cyclist in motion, although it took me a while to figure out what that bunch of scribbles in the corner really was. DId voters see that as a reminder that a more energetic candidate was running against a long-time stalwart? That Childs was about moving Livingston County forward instead of standing pat?

Whether it was the signs or not, voters sent a message that saying you have the lowest tax rate and a high bond rating just isn't enough in Livingston County anymore.

Meanwhile, up in County Commission District 2, voters in the Republican primary helpedWilliam Green delivered the same message to incumbent Jim Mantey. Voters see problems in the county and don't think the Republican incumbents are taking care of them. Democrats, like Jeanette DiFlorio in District 2, are ready with solutions.

And we'll have a lot more to say than we have the lowest tax rate in the state.


Communications guru said...

That Gary Childs. I remember him from when I worked for the South Lyon Herald.

Durango Dawn said...

I am disappointed in the results of the primary but more so of the residents in Livingston and their lack of voting. It is truely embarrasing, those that won the primary really cant brag because the turnout doesnt reflect an overwelming amount of voters in this county.