Thursday, December 13, 2012

Courthosue Crowd Trying to Insulate Itself from Democracy

Is the all-Republican clique that runs the Livingston County Courthouse trying to insulate itself from democracy?

A vacancy created by the resignation of Jay Drick, who was just re-elected in November, means the county commission can appoint his replacement within 30 days. But then voters get to weigh in on the pick. Under current law, a primary would be held, tentatively set for May 7, and then the general election itself, on Aug. 6.

But as WHMI radio points out, a bill passed by the Senate, SB0204, would eliminate the requirement for a special election if the vacancy occurred in an odd-numbered year. That would set up a situation where Livingston County Republicans could perpetuately appoint their own successors -- run for re-election as an incumbent, resign right after the election, and then the rest of the board gets to appoint the replacement, who then gets to run in two years as an incumbent.

This is an insult to democracy. Special elections cost money, that's true. But democracy is priceless.

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