Thursday, December 20, 2012

 Governor Snyder vs American National Security

I believe letting technology meant for warfare get into the wrong hands, whether totalitarian regimes or disturbed young men will be the destruction of our civilization.
Japan and Germany before World War 2 modernized technologies that they later used for war with the help of British and American companies.  These companies sold it to make a quick buck. Today American companies sell or partner with Chinese companies to share our most advanced technology including technology that has military uses.  Mike Rogers, our Congressman has brought up this issue in the media.  Maybe he ought to look into the activities of our Governor.

Here, from the web site is the connection with our governor.

Governor Snyder's China Connections

Picture An American Company, NeoPhotonics, Morph's into a Chinese Company. It was well publicized during the election that Rick Snyder moved Gateway Computer's manufacturing to China along with thousands of jobs but those were yesterday's jobs. He has also given China technology, developed by American companies and Universities that will give China the edge to compete for tomorrow's jobs and is helping China build a superpower military. Rick Snyder's venture capital company, Ardesta, bought a telecommunications technology company named NeoPhotonics. This company was rich in technology patents but with little manufacturing. Rick Snyder merged this company with one in China, which essentially changed an American Technology Company into
a Chinese one.They then became part of an alliance between Chinese telecommunications companies and Sprint/Nextel that proposed to build the next generation telecommunications network for America, which raised national security concerns for many in Congress.

 NeoPhotonics merges with a Chinese company:

SAN JOSE, Calif. & SHENZHEN, PRC -- NeoPhotonics Corporation of San Jose today announced the completion of their merger with Photon Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen. The new NeoPhotonics expects revenues to exceed $50M in 2005, has more than 1200 employees, primarily in China and the U.S., and has more than 100 customers, many of which are tier one network equipment suppliers.

Photon Technology Co., as China's largest active component manufacturer, has a solid history of continued growth and profitability since its founding in 1993. Combining Photon with NeoPhotonics, the leading developer of integrated component solutions using planar lightwave circuits (PLC), creates a company with the broadest and deepest optical component capability in the industry today. The company's advanced solutions combine active and passive components into products and modules for long-haul, metro and access optical networks.

 The Chinese company was largely owned by the Chinese government

Photon's 14 shareholders, including a government agency in Shenzhen that owned about one-third of the company.

    The main customer for NeoPhotonics was the third largest telecommunications company in the world, Huawei.

NeoPhotonics listed Huawei as 53% of its business in 2010 (SEC filing)

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