Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not So Fast -- Republicans Were Part of This, Too

A Livingston Press and Argus editorial in editions for Sunday (March 16, 2008) is getting all indignant about the taxpayers' money spent for Michigan's January 15 primary and how it all went "for naught."

Not so fast. Let's not forget that Republicans wanted that primary moved up, too. They wanted Michigan to violate their national party's rules. They were willing to be penalized for it, and they were. The difference is that the GOP nominee already is decided so the penalty -- half of the delegates -- is not relevant.

So when the Press and Argus goes to great lengths to claim that Michigan could have spent taxpayers' money on Livingston County needs instead of paying for the January primary, it overlooks one little fact:

Somebody still would have had to pay for the GOP primary.

I don't see one line of criticism in the Press and Argus editorial about taxpayers having to pay for the Republican primary. Not one.

So typical.


Kevin said...

Who really cares if the Republicans were part of it or not. They do not make me do anything nor did the Democrat Party have to bow to them. We could have easily not done this. It was stupid, it is OUR FAULT as Democrats and now we, in Michigan, are going to pay for it.

Michigan is like the Keystone cops with just about everything that happens here. The economy is the worst in the nation, Detroit is worse than Baghdad and now this. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

judy said...

The reason it is relevant is that the Press and Argus is claiming that the $10 million would not have been spent on a primary were it not for the Democrats. That is patently false and cannot be allowed to stand. Republicans wanted that primary and they benefited from it.