Friday, March 7, 2008

Terror, Terror, Terror -- That's All They Can Say

Michigan Republican Party head Saul Anuzis has come down with a case of election-year terror-itis.

It's that terrible epidemic that infects all Republicans every four years, causing them to run around screaming that if you don't elect Republicans you will die.

Saul spewed his terror germs on the rest of us through a recent email to Republicans, which someone generously forwarded to me.

In his "MIGOP Victory Update," Anuzis wrote:

"Today our party stands united in support of Senator McCain, who is completely and 100 percent qualified to be our next Commander in Chief - on day one. He will be a steadfast supporter of our allies around the globe and will send a strong message to our adversaries that America will defend her interests and do whatever is required to keep U. S. citizens safe at home and abroad.

"While the Democrat Party is busy tearing itself apart over which liberal senator would surrender fastest in the war on terror, Republicans are uniting behind a true patriot and working together to win the White House in November."

Let's see, McCain will be a steadfast supporter of "our allies around the globe." Didn't know we had any allies left after seven years of George "I did it my way" Bush.

And "Republicans are uniting behind a true patriot." Except for the far-right wing of the party, which can't stand McCain.

But if you're Anuzis, what else can you say about McCain that might appeal to Michigan residents? McCain has admitted that he lacks expertise about the economy.

And during the run-up to the January primary, McCain told Michigan autoworkers that they can kiss their jobs good-bye because the jobs are gone and not coming back.

And then there's his flip-flopping on Bush's tax cuts for the rich, voting against them and now supporting them.

All in all, that leaves Anuzis with terror-itis.

Don't catch it.

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