Wednesday, April 15, 2009

'Film-Friendly' Livingston County May Get Another Film

Another film-maker is looking at using the new Howell High School for a movie set.

One of the reasons cited by the company is that the community is "film-friendly."

Guess we need to hide the Livingston Press and Argus editorials attacking Gov. Jennifer Granholm's incentives for the movie industry.

BTW, why is that the Press and Argus lists this story under its "Entertainment" section? Isn't this business-related?

P.S. The Bay City Times has a totally different view, urging lawmakers to leave the film credits exactly the way they are.

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kevins said...

You are amazing in your paranoia and victim-like posts.

I read the link you provided to the paper's editorial. There was absolutely no criticism of Granholm's incentives. What the editorial sought -- with good justification -- was minimal open records and accounting for the spending of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.

Why do you have a problem with that?