Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One Guy Loses His Job and Republicans Think It's a Tragedy

Sure, I feel sorry for Rick Wagoner. It hurts to lose a job, even if you do get a $20 million golden parachute.

But it seems like like Republicans are shedding way too many tears for this one unemployed autoworker and way too few tears for the thousands of line workers and others who already have been given pink slips.

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kevins said...

So exactly how many tears have been shed by the gov and the Democrats for the unemployed autoworker? And what good have they accomplished? 12.5 percent unemployment rate...the highest in the nation.

And your party's response? Your party chair encourages people not to purchase from a successful Michigan company because the CEO is a Republican. Amazing.

At least have the courage of your conviction. Go public and tell all Domino's workers that your party doesn't want their votes because you as a party believe they have to right to exist in this state. After all, their CEO is a Republican, so they are tainted people.