Monday, April 13, 2009

Hamburg Recall -- They Should Try to Get Along

It has happened.

A recall petition against Hamburg Township Clerk Matt Skiba has been filed. WHMI has the details, including a link to a copy of the full statement filed by former township trustee Mike Bitondo, who filed the recall.

What a costly exercise, at a time when taxpayers can least afford it. Can't these people learn to get along and take care of business?


Communications guru said...

Mike Bitondo is a really nice guy and I see him everyday, but he headed up former Clerk JoAnna Hardesty’s wrote in campaign against Skiba. The township would have been much better off if Debby Buckland has been elected.

bluzie said...

This plan for a recall has been in the works through Hardesty's campaign long before the November 4th election.
It is simply a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.
What services will suffer with this outlandish expenditure, police, seniors, the library, staff, or the fire department?
The Hardesty people while individually may seem nice, are a ruthless and relentless bunch.

Communications guru said...

That should be "write in campaign," and "had been elected."