Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anti-semitic Comment Should Be Removed

A house was damaged by fire in Genoa Township a few days ago and the Livingston Press and Argus put a story up on its website. Shortly thereafter, a comment appeared saying that the fire was the result of "Jewish lightning."

The comment is anti-semitic.

Why is it still standing? Did they lay off the people who were in charge of the web page?

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kevins said...

It must be funny to you to make light of a business that is trying to survive in a state ravaged by unemployment and the demise of its largest industry. Further, it is hamstrung by Jenny "Blown Away" Granholm, possibly the worst-ever governor in the state of Michigan.

I bet you've got some real funny things to say about the home-building industry and car dealerships that have to close.

You want a sign of racism? Tell me one thing that your beloved governor has done for the black children of Detroit. She's been governor for, what, six years and has basically ignored that city, other than belatedly jumping on the bust Kwame bandwagon.

Basically, she's said those black votes are mine no matter what, so why bother with them? And she doesn't. The biggest uncovered story of this generation is how the entire city has been marginalized and left to die.

Before you start braying about isolated commercial spots, please be kind enough to first address the 25 percent unemployment rate, the 60 percent dropout rate and culture of corruption and incompetence that defines what passes for city leadership.

Also, recall that a white suburban industrialist wanted to given $200 million to help Detroit schoolchildren get a better education. Granholm sat back smiling while he was vilified and the gift was rejected.

Tell me, do you think Detroit schools have gotten better or worse since that money was rejected.

Oh, no, you can't be bothered. You are too worried about a juvenile phrase like Jewish lightning. I'm doesn't bother me, but my wife doesn't like it. But both of us think Granholm is a putz.