Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hoekstra Staff Doing Repair Work after Pete's Twitter Fiasco

Rep. Pete Hoekstra's staff was trying to make their boss look a little less dumb on Thursday (June 18, 2009), one day after he twittered that the Iranian protests were like what happened to the poor minority Republicans in the U.S. House.

The spokesman for the Michigan Republican tried to explain that Hoekstra wasn't comparing Republicans to Iranian protesters, who have had their cell phone, internet, and other communications shut down by the government, on top of being shot at. No, the spokesman said, he wasn't comparing them at all. Hoekstra was just saying they were similar.

Oh. That explains everything.


kevins said...

I think you are making a point here. These politicians should just try keeping quiet...and their staffs just make it worse when they try to explain it away.

It's like when Penetta said that Cheney sounded like he wanted another terrorist attack on American soil. Then his spokesman said that wasn't really what he said, when in fact that was exactly what he said.

Actually, I think Panetta was right the first time...I just wish he had the courage not to back away from it.

Anon said...

Well, Judy, at least he didn't reveal where the top-secret hideout is in the Vice President's mansion...

Oh, no, wait. That's what Biden did.