Friday, July 24, 2009

GOP Disease -- Infighting -- Spreads to County Commission

Looking at the way Livingston County elected officials are getting along, you'd never know they were all members of one party. Every week there's a new board that, instead of doing the public's business, is engaged in out-and-out fighting with each other.

Everybody knows about Hamburg Township. How can I even summarize that dysfunctional morass of incompetence, jealousy, pettiness, and bizarre behavior?

But then the Howell School Board got into the act, with the firing of the superintendent, the beginning of a recall, allegations of "spying" against people monitoring the recall, and who knows what next.

In between was the fight on the Brighton Fire Authority, culminating in the departure of the fire chief.

And now, we have the Livingston County Commission and Sheriff Bob Bezotte clashing to the point that the sheriff stomped out of a meeting over county demands for massive cuts to public safety, followed by Commissioner Jack LaBelle claiming he was "threatened."

Remember, those are only the disagreements we know about so far this year.

It's pretty clear that Republicans in this county are having major difficulties getting along with each other, and the public's business is hurting as a result.


Anon said...

Judy, this posting is bizarre. Are you saying that just because they're all Republicans, they're supposed to agree on absolutely everything? Is that your idea of how representative democracy is supposed to work?

kevins said...

Anon...yes it is bizarre.

But what Judy is saying is this: Democrats can't get elected in Livingston County. So, by definition, if there is a squabble among elected officials, it HAS to be among Republicans, because there are no Democratic elected officials to pick a fight with.

Of course, she throws in the Howell school board, a non-partisan body. Her insane buddy on another site, Guru, goes berserk if Republicans try to get involved in a non-partisan race. But now Judy implies that the Howell school board is a Republican body. I don't mind that local Democrats are paranoid, but I wish they would try to be consistent.

To be fair, Democrats do get non-partisan posts such as judgeships. Dan Burress, a strong Democrat and judge for many years, famously feuded with the other circuit judge, Stan Latreille. I guess that proves that Democrats are always fussing and fighting, right Judy?

Or would you like to go to Wayne County to get an example of how Democrats rule when they are in power? Kwame. Conyers (both of them). The still to come corruption indictments. Much of the Detroit school system. That's the Democratic model, I guess.

Similar to New Jersey, where scores of mayors and other politicians were indicted in a huge money-laundering and corruption scandal last week. All Democrats. Every last one of them.

Now before you start naming all the Republicans who get in trouble, save your breath. I'm just pointing out some examples. You are the one who tries to make human foibles a partisan characteristic.

The bad (and the good) in Livingston County politics belongs to Republicans..because that's all that we have. If Democrats ever got elected here, you would have good ones and bad ones too.

Your argument is weak, Judy. Go back to complaining about political signs along the highway.

Judy said...

Disagreeing over policy is one thing. Two boards with recalls going on at the same time is pretty unusual.

kevins said...

About the is the Howell school board. Are you calling that a Republican issue? If so, can you explain that?

Yes, 2 recalls at one time is unusual. Not sure what it proves, but it is unusual.

You want unusual? How about 44 indictments for corruption and money-laundering involving Democratic mayors and state assemblyment? Actually, turns out it isn't unusual. If you Google "New Jersey indictments," you get so many choices that it's difficult to find the most recent one.

Funny how you won't address the corruption smorgasbord also known as Detroit.

At least in Hamburg, someone is trying to get rid of the incomptence in the clerk and treasurer's offices.