Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Health Care Forum Shows Support for Reform

Check out the Conservative Media's blog for great coverage of the Livingston Dems' town hall meeting on health care reform, held on Saturday.


kevins said...

You really consider that to be "great" coverage?

He blatantly states things that are incorrect about the Canadian system.

Lengthy wait times for appointments in Canada are a problem, so much so that the federal government has spent $5.5 billion since 2002 to address the issue.

Guru writes boldly (and wrongly) that Canadians don't come to America for health care. That's blatantly false. In fact, some of those who come to America are Canadian politicians who support Canada's plan until it doesn't serve them and then come here.

That said, I'm not bashing Canada's health program. It's got a lot going for it. It's top two points (in my opinion): Everyone in Canada has health coverage; per capita health care costs are way below those of U.S.

Biggest concerns: it's illegal for someone to seek private care; long waits particularly for so-called elective surgery (if you are old and suffering from hip pain...lots of luck.)

A plan that's worth emulating doesn't need the blind faith that guru requires (and woe to the person who dares disagree with him..they are immediately called a racist or a rightwing extremist or, gasp, a troll.)

A plan that's worth emulating will stand up to scrutiny and perhaps an even better plan will emerge.

Communications guru said...

Your crap has already been debunked, brett.

kevins said...

I'm telling you. If you allow guru to bring that garbage into this forum, I will respond in kind.

I think I made fair points...the type that can be civilly debated.

I pointed out what I thought were strong parts of the Canadian system and I praised it for its lower health cost. I think that fact offers hope for an American plan.

And guru comes in here and calls my statement "crap."

If that's the level of discourse you want here, then that's fine. But I'll tell you that I can blow guru out of the water, which is better than the things that guru blows.

Keep him on a leash, and I'll stay civil.

Communications guru said...

Ah, typical high-minded, fact-filled debate from brett. And you wonder why he posts anonymously. Bring it on, brett.

You crossed the civil line long ago, brett.

kevins said...

Well, let's take guru at his word.

I said that Canada's strong point is that everyone in the country is covered and per capita health care costs are way below those of the U.S.

Guru's "high-minded, fact-filled" response was to say those statements were "crap."

So, based on direct quotes from guru, we are left to believe that guru thinks national health care at efficient prices are "crap." His words, not mine.

So, again by his own words (See above if you don't believe me), guru doesn't want full coverage and he favors costly, inefficient health care.

Pretty amazing.

Communications guru said...

That is correct. Your points have already been debunked, and there is no need to do it again here too. Just go to my blog.

kevins said...

To the people who run this site: Please decide what type of dialogue you want to promote.

I made a perfectly reasonable post. One can agree with it or disagree with it in a civil way. Guru chose to call it "crap."

If that's the style you want to encourage, that's fine. I would rather discuss things like mature adults...but if you prefer otherwise, I'll be happy to do so.

You know guru. You can control his leash. He can do whatever he wants on his site. But if you want his style on your site, then you must be ready for the consequences.

Please, stop him from his juvenile, insulting rants...unless, of course, that's want you prefer.

kevins said...

By the way, he agreed that it is "bunk" that Canada has a low-cost health care plan that is available to everyone.

It's a ridiculous statement and totally untrue, but he is sticking to it. He is such a troll that he won't even agree to a clear fact that supports his supposed position. That's how deranged he is.

It's fun to yank his chain on his site. But I will not accept it on another site.

Communications guru said...

WAAAA!!!! Stop crying, brett.