Sunday, July 19, 2009

So Long to Livingston Community News

I'm going to miss the Livingston Community News, the free weekly newspaper published for Livingston County for six years by the Ann Arbor News.

I found the articles well-reported and written in a lively style. Not being tied to the old power structure of the county gave it independence.

The newspaper's last edition received this weekend includes a sign-off from the staff, many of whom are Livingston County residents now apparently out of work. It includes, "It's been a great ride. Thank you, Livingston County."

But the readers owe them a big thanks, too.


Anonymous said...

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bluzie said...

I will miss the Livingston Community News, I cannot in good conscious purchase the Press/Argus. I know we need the printed press, but it is so wrong how they work the local elections. You could not find a Hamburg Democratic candidate last election with their oline voter's guide!
We all turned in our questionaires, and our names didn't even show up!
When they make endorsements they did not even interview any of the Hamburg Democratic candidates and they gave the clerk race so much ink!
I could go on and on, but I will dearly miss the Livingston Community News.
I guess it is obvious why.

kevins said...

So, bluzie, who did the community news endorse in your race?

bluzie said...

The write-in, Joanna Hardesty.

kevins said...

That must have been unusual. From what I saw, the community news didn't make endorsements.

bluzie said...

I am sorry, I didn't read your post correctly. The Press/Argus endorsed Joanna Hardesty and the Livingston Community News did not endorse; however, they did have a complete online voters guide with Republicans and Democrats, not just Republicans like the Press/Argus.

bluzie said...

Honestly, I am fine with not getting an endorsement. I just think if an editoral board is going to make endorsements, you should interview all the candidates.

Communications guru said...

I subscribe to the Press & Argus, and I recommend everyone should also subscribe. I don’t agree with everything they do and I was screwed by them, but to lose a community asset like that would be devastating. The problem is the editorial leanings of the General Manager, but all you can do is point out when he goes off the reservation like he did in Hamburg Township. The decision for the so-called Community News to fold was strictly a monetary one made far from Michigan.