Sunday, September 6, 2009

Livingston Dems Plan Rally on Health Care Reform to Counter Tea-Baggers

Livingston County Democrats are planning a loud and proud counter-rally when the Tea Party Express rolls into Brighton on Tuesday (September 8, 2009).

Democrats plan to gather at the Mill Pond in downtown Brighton at 3 p.m. to express their support for health care reform -- including requiring coverage for pre-existing conditions, holding down exploding health care costs, creating a government option to provide low-cost competition to the corporations that are gouging consumers with exorbitant premiums, and covering the uninsured.

We don't want to be confrontational, but to be a rational expression of support for health care reform.

Plan to join us!


Republican Michigander said...

Better the "tea-bagger" than the one "tea-bagged"

Your term, not mine.

Communications guru said...

No, your party's word.