Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Newspapers and the Web

I really would like to comment on articles on the Livingston Press and Argus' website from time to time.

But I am really tired of trying to log in and being told that my session has timed out. Over and over again. Day after day.

But if I could log in, I would comment on the Livingston County Board of Commissioners' inability to control its own staff, as shown by its decision to pay for a training session for an administrator that it had previously been told would not be charged to the county, referenced in this letter to the editor.

The $5,300 is almost as much as the $6,000 that the county commissioners had budgeted for veterans' relief, until they were caught by the county Veterans Commission ignoring state law and were forced to begin levying a small millage.

What a screwed up set of priorities and lack of oversight.

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kevins said...

I use the paper's website a lot and have no difficulty. Neither do a lot of other people, judging from the large number of comments and posters they get...that includes bluzie.

Maybe the problem is operator error.