Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When President Says Work Hard, Livingston Parents Say Don't Listen

Things have sunk pretty low when parents don't want their kids to listen to anything the president says.

Not even work hard, do your homework, try to make something of yourself even if you don't have much money or think you don't have any opportunities. (The text of the speech is here.)

That's pretty much the classic Horatio Alger story that America is supposed to be built on. But if it comes from a Democratic president who happens to be half black, Livingston County parents label it "indoctrination" somehow aimed at destroying our freedom.

What next -- no photos of President Obama allowed in classrooms because it encourages hero worship?


Allan said...

What does "half black" have to do with anything? Are you implying that Livingston County parents are bigots? I think you should explain that comment to the people you are trying to persuade to vote for your candidates. I guess when you have to throw out false racial accusations you really have lost the argument. I personally resent your implication and think you should apologize to the parents of Livingston County!

kevins said...

They pull this race card out all the time. The more you listen to them, the more you realize that they are disgusted by people who live in Livingston County. Such loathing.

They pull out the race card and then say, "Look, it's all about race."

Allan said...

I'm still waiting for clarification. If you would like to debate the virtues of our community I will be happy to take that challenge. This goes way beyond politics, especially when you factor in the hard work many in this community have done to dispel that false perception.

Allan said...

Since there has been no clarification, you are implying that Livingston County parents are bigots. Anytime, anywhere you want to debate the virtues of our community I will be there.

Allan Filip
8th District Chair