Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ford Tries to Turn Its Good News into Bad News

It's good news these days when one of the Detroit automakers turns a profit -- especially one as large as the $1 billion quarterly profit that Ford Motor Co. reported recently.

But you've got to wonder what the company was thinking as it simultaneously announced the profit and asked its workers for more concessions, especially after its CEO refused to make concessions of his own regarding his salary.

If the top brass doesn't need to take a pay cut during profitable times, why do the workers? The company never answered that, so it's no wonder Ford workers turned down the concession package.

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bluzie said...

Ford has a huge debt that was not erased by bankruptcy. It has continued it's health care coverage to their retirees as GM has not. For me, it isn't about profits, it is about sustainability. Ford Motor Company has been most fair with their employees. For their members to not give Ford the same contract as GM I think is wrong. It hurts the company that has been the most fair to their workers.