Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Ray of Sunshine

Ford Motor Co.'s third quarter profit was good news earlier this month, and now General Motors Corp. is following up with a little ray of sunshine of its own.

It plans to pay back $6.7 billion it borrowed from the federal government four years early, according to the Detroit Free Press on Monday (Nov. 16, 2009).

A year ago, things were pretty dark in the auto industry, but we're not on the brink anymore.


Republican Michigander said...

And how many jobs were lost with this takeover? How many factories closed? How many dealerships shut down?

How many more will be shut down if your party's cap and trade monstrosity becomes law?

Jordan said...

As opposed to...

How many jobs were lost with this takeover, as opposed to... no government help? I would say jobs were saved in comparison.

How many factories closed in the past year, as opposed to... a scenario with no loan from the government? I think it's obvious that fewer factories closed than would've otherwise.

How many dealerships shut down after President Obama saved the domestic auto industry, as opposed to... if he let it die? The alternative would've been worse for the dealerships.

But that means nothing to you. If President Obama had done the alternatives, you still would be attacking him. There was no action that he could've taken that you would've been in agreement with, because you had no solution to the problem. You didn't need a solution, all you needed was criticism. But without solutions, your party will be fighting an uphill battle to regain any credibility.

And I think you missed your conservative talking point when you accidently called it "cap and trade". I know how much your side loves to call it "cap and tax". Another mistake like that and you may find your right-wing peers distancing themselves from you in the same manner they're running away from Carrie Prejean.