Saturday, November 21, 2009

How Low Will Livingston County Conservatives Go?

Even in tough times, you would think that people would be compassionate toward children.

You would think that, unless you read the Livingston County Press and Argus' comments by Republican Rep. Bill Rogers regarding the closing of a preschool for at-risk kids due to state funding cuts.

"Some things had to go and, unfortunately, that was one of them at this time," Rogers said. "When you're making any kind of cuts, someone somehow is going to get hurt."

In other words kids, suck it up. We can't ask anybody to pay a few cents more in taxes -- not the oil companies who get double the tax exemptions of other businesses in this state, nor the tobacco companies that peddle flavored tobacco to our teen-agers in hopes of getting them hooked on cigarettes later.

Not an ounce of compassion for four-year-old children.

Nor was there any compassion among the commenters on the story, who proceeded to attack the parents who sent their children to preschool in hopes that they would have a better start in life. Commenters called the program free baby-sitting and accused the mothers of not wanting to be bothered to raise their own kids.

That's the face of conservativism in Livingston County -- ugly and mean even toward children.

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