Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Democrat Party defending Israel against US citizens?

Stephen Zunes: Democratic Party Defends Israeli Attackhttp://act.commondreams.org/go/995?akid=79.83922.LVaq_V&t=26

This article names Democratic leaders who are defending the Israeli Attack on the flotilla. Chuck and I heard former Ambassodor Edward Peck and Joe Meadors-Survivor of the USS Liberty- speak in Livonia on June 5th and they spoke because they were on the flotilla and knew that Israel would paint the humanitarians on board as terrorists and they want the American public to know that that was not the case.

In the photo:
Chuck& Mares Hirchert, Joe Meadors-Survivor of the USS Liberty, Diane& Larry Cooper, Edward Peck-Former US Ambassador.

http://www.gtr5.com/ link to cover up of killing of US Sailors by Israeli Navy in 1967.

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