Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father-less Father's Day

How do you spend your first Father's Day without a father?

Whom do you call to hear how he is spending his day, to find out if the card you picked out specially for him got there in time?

Maybe you call your siblings, to see how they're doing, and to wish them a Happy Father's Day instead.

But mostly, you spend the day with your memories -- memories of how having had a father for decades shaped your life.

Some of the memories are cliches -- examples of working hard rubbing off on you, for instance.

But some are unique and special, like the advice offered as you were contemplating college, "No matter what you do, get a good education because that's one thing no one can ever take away from you." All the more meaningful because it came from a child of the Depression who watched his family home and all their possessions -- including his own BB gun -- auctioned off, and who never got a chance at college and the English degree he had hoped for.

And dozens more.

So you spend the day with your memories, and try to understand why memories once so wonderful inflict such pain and hope for the day they just go back to being wonderful.

Happy Father's Day. May this one be the best ever!

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