Friday, June 25, 2010

Sudden Change of Heart for Commissioners

Livingston County Commissioners all of a sudden are taking an interest in trying to get the county's economy moving again.

Livingston County Commission Chair Maggie Jones participated last Friday (June 18, 2010) in a planning session for developing a county strategic plan in which county leaders tried to envision what they would like the county to look like in the future.

That in itself is interesting, since Republican Party Chair Mike Murphy said recently the county doesn't need no stinkin' vision because everything is perfect in Livingston County. Never mind the 10 deaths in the Pinckney area from heroin overdoses in the last three years. Forgot the millions in debt the county has taken on for subdivisions that were never finished. And let's not talk about the miles of dirt roads we still have in this county.

Apparently, Jones doesn't agree with Murphy. She finally has gotten off her duff to take an interest in something besides paying the electric bill at the courthouse and expanding an airport that taxpayers pay for but most don't even know exists. That's a switch from a few months ago when the commission never even got around to telling the public that $24 million in bonds were available for local businesses under the federal economic recovery act.

Could it be the county commissioners don't like the looks of seven Democrats running against them in November?

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Communications guru said...

Funny what pending elections will do. Elections keep politicians honest and attentive.