Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Have They Been Hiding the Recovery Act Funds?

It's bad enough that Republicans have been lying about taxes going up under President Obama when in reality the 2009 federal economic recovery act cut taxes for 95 percent of all Americans.

But now we find out the Livingston County Commissioners have been sitting on information that $24 million in bonds were available under the same law to help local businesses.

The county commission had designated Livingston County as a recovery area awhile back, making the county eligible for the bonding. WHMI carried a story on the matter at the time, but then the matter disappeared.

On Thursday (April 15, 2010), Livingston County Commissioners finally got around to telling people who could take advantage of the bonds that they even existed. And they only did it because the local chambers of commerce brought people together at a summit on the new economy.

Commissioner Jim Mantey made a brief announcement about the recovery act bonds from the floor during the question and answer period. Afterward, he was "immediately swamped" with people wanting more information. He wasn't even part of the agenda, didn't have detailed material, only suggested people call the county offices or the Livingston Economic Council for more information.

Why hasn't the county commission been doing more to get the word out on the existence of these bonds? Is it because the all-Republican board hopes the recovery act (and President Obama) fail? Or are they simply lacking in the imagination and drive to lead our county in the 21st century?

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