Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is This the Time for Rogers to be Sticking up for Banks?

Sometimes, you can only hide your true colors so long.

Mike Rogers has been doing that for a long time, but he finally let his disguise drop long enough for voters in the 8th District to see whose side he really is on -- the side of big banks and Wall Street, the people who brought us the financial meltdown in September 2008 that nearly destroyed the world economy.

Speaking at an event in Livingston County on Tuesday (April 20, 2010), Rogers came out against regulating banks.

According to the news accounts, Rogers believes that "banking regulatory reforms amount to the federal government telling banks how to do business. In the end, he said, that will inhibit business' access to much-needed capital."

Rogers really believes that banks should not be regulated? Seriously? Rogers really believes that after the way banks behaved that they know what is best and can be trusted to do the right thing?

Even Republicans in the U.S. Senate have figured out recently that opposing financial reform is a big loser. But Rogers is sticking to his "free market knows best" approach even as we struggle to get out of the mess that got us into in the first place.

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