Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Mike Cox and the Tea-Baggers Want to Repeal

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox thinks he can make headway in the Michigan gubernatorial race by getting in bed with the far-right extremists of the tea-bagger movement by trying to block implementation of the health care reform measure in Michigan. Cox and his buddies are trying to scare the public into believing the health care is somehow a threat to motherhood and apple pie.

In reality, blocking the measure -- through a lawsuit that Cox has filed or by trying to get voters to approve a ballot issue as the tea-baggers want -- will mean a lot of suffering for a lot of Michigan residents.

Organizing for America has prepared an on-line video summing up what health care reform really means for people in Michigan.

The reforms are so common sense -- many based on Republican ideas dating back to the 1994 health care reform debate -- that it's hard to see why anyone would oppose them. Which explains why the right-wing extremists had to make up lies about 16,000 armed federal agents coming to your door to enforce the law.

It's easier to say that than to admit you are against making sure sick kids get insurance coverage or giving tax breaks to small businesses to pay for health insurance premiums.

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