Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Questions for Michigan's GOP Gubernatorial Wanna-Bes

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer has a top-ten list in advance of the debate among the Republican candidates for governor -- ten questions the Republicans should answer in the debate but probably won't even be asked.

1. All Candidates: Are you a member of the Tea Party?

2. All Candidates: Do you support tougher regulation of Wall Street and corporate CEO compensation?

3. Pete Hoekstra: Why did you oppose efforts to rescue the domestic auto industry in December, 2008?

4. Pete Hoekstra: Why have you voted to make it easier for foreign workers to replace American workers?

5. Rick Snyder: Have you learned how to pronounce "Marilyn Kelly" yet?

6. Rick Snyder: Do you remember how many millions of dollars you made after your company Gateway sent nearly 20,000 American jobs to China?

7. Mike Bouchard: Are you still receiving state-paid lifetime health care benefits as a former state legislator?

8. Mike Bouchard: Have you flown in one of your French helicopters lately?

9. Mike Cox: Do you still believe the Manoogian Mansion party is an urban legend?

10. Mike Cox: Are you enjoying the use of your taxpayer-funded gym?

What a crew -- they backed killing the American auto industry, sent jobs to China, get tax-payer funded health care and want to deny other Americans even a modest reform of their health insurance, and cozy up to some of the most radical extremists in the nation today.

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